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Developed with a PL SIEMENS S7 with a user interface with PC under Windows environment, is responsible for carrying out the concrete dosing processes in compliance with the necessary industrial standards and for effectively carrying out a total inventory of the consumption of materials used for each batch and a set of inventories capable of providing accurate information on the concrete plant production data.


Automatic Control System.

Its operation is very easy and reliable. You can create and edit all the mix designs that are required in the process. It has different access keys for the administrator and the operator, avoiding unauthorized changes.

Recalculate the formulas by correcting moisture and absorption. Production process information is automatically printed on each cycle and stored in a database with name, date, time, and dosage values.

The saved information can be printed when required, with different options, by date, by client, by referral and by formula, these reports can be exported directly to PDF or EXCEL formats if the user so wishes, The dosing program is configurable according to the plant topology in which you want to use, enabling only the elements that are required in the application, which has the following options:


  • High precision
  • Easy to opérate
  • Requires no prior knowledge
  • Unlimited storage of design mixtures
  • Handling raw material inventories
  • Humidity correction, absorptions and on-the-fly correction
  • Mixer truck control, travel drivers
  • Control of dispatch by works, customers
  • Compatibility with Excels sheets
automatic control systems
  • Up to eight aggregates that can be weighed by addition or subtraction.
  • Up to three cements also by addition or subtraction, reading pulses of the water flow meter with selection of initial and final dosing percentage according to the settlement of the mixture.
  • Pulse inputs to control up to four liquid additive dispensers automatically.
  • Up to two aggregates that can be weighed.
  • Pulsed inputs to control up to two additives.
  • Water measurement by weight, (optional – count liters).
  • Use of two cements.