Domat offers a comprehensive solution for the production and placement of concrete, in order to optimize the production processes according to the customer’s needs. According to the project you will be offered the most optimal option to meet the standards and times of it.

We have equipment of different capacities, with modular designs and easy transport Here you will find the different rental options:

La mejor opción en alquiler de equipo de concreto

Facilidad de adquirir todo el desarrollo tecnológico, los equipo, la asesoría y todo el talento humano para optimizar los procesos durante las obras

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Nuestros mejores equipos
y maquinas

Contamos con equipos de diferentes capacidades,con diseños modulares y de facíl transpote

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  • Hoppers for aggregates: 2
  • Production capacities from 10m3/h to 45m3/h
  • Worm screws in different diameters and lengths according to need
  • Cement hopper (optional)
  • Aggregate weighing system on the mixer (including water)
  • Automatic Control System
  • Automatic Water Dosing


  • Hoppers for aggregates: 2 or 3
  • Weighing system: By addition/subtraction or discount according to the model
  • Worm screws in different diameters and lengths according to need
  • Cement scale
  • Automatic water dosing
  • Mobile or stationary types depending on need (subject to availability)


  • Silos for cement storage
  • Standard or self-supporting
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • They have all their accessories and safety devices


  • Infinite turning radius through central rotation
  • Detachable BOOM unit (split-frame system): easy to handle and transport
  • Easy to use solution for torré crane capacity limitations
  • Remote radio control


  • Flow rate of 40m3/h and 60 bar of pressure
  • Large capacity for receiving concrete in the hopper
  • Electric or diesel operation


• Capacidad de 1.7 m3 o 2.3 Toneladas
• Ruedas que se adaptan a cualquier tipo de terreno
• Fácil instalación y recambio con la cuchara del mini cargador
• Compatible con diferentes tipos de marcas
• Altura de carga compatible con plantas DOMAT


  • Medium range compatible with DOMAT plants
  • Offers easy transport of materials for concrete production or placement