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Auger conveyors are manufactured for material transport applications such as cement. They are made of steel, from a tubular channel equipped with at least one inlet and outlet mouth, a welded helical coil and intermediate supports depending on the length of the auger.


In addition, the DOMAT augers are equipped with a gear motor and transmission suitable for the application, made with adjustable positioning marker, which allows adjusting the inclination degree for faster and easier installation.

Available in lengths from 1 meter to 12 meters in diameters from 6″ to more than 12″, they allow the option of standard coupling for silo discharge valve and hoisting system for silo installation.


  • Coupling: Flanche 10″ and adjustable marker, Anchor ring or hoist to silo.
  • Finished: Antioxidant Background, Anticorrosive, Exterior Epoxy Paint Glossy Finish.