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Our application expertise includes not only the harsh environments of a concrete mixer or aggregate container, but also other drying, wetting, monitoring or control processes where material flows freely.


They are installed in a batch or continuous process where there is a requirement to measure humidity in real time. The sensors use a contact measurement technique that, compared to other moisture measurement methods, is less affected by impurities, color, particle size or temperature.


The Hydro-Probe uses digital microwave moisture measurement. It features comprehensive signal processing that offers a linear output (both digital and analog) and can be easily connected to any control system. Common applications include sand, cement, concrete, and aggregates.

Designed for use in processing plants using vats (silos), conveyor or feed belts, the sensor is located within the material flow.

25 measurements are made per second as the material passes through or around the face of the sensor, which means that the sensor can quickly detect changes in moisture levels. Real-time adjustments of the moisture content of the material can be made during processing, if desired. This ensures that the manufacturer can continuously produce a product of uniform quality and reduce costs by limiting the amount of wasted or wasted materials.