Descubra nuestro equipo de alta calidad

DOMAT mixer pots have high manufacturing standards allowing optimal mixing and transport of concrete, with materials and components leading in the market, allowing the homogeneity of the mixture in the process. The equipment is designed to make the equipment as light as possible and with the greatest durability in the use of different types of concrete.

We have volumes from 4m3 to 10m3 to be installed in the chassis of your choice, complying with the regulations, safety and handling of equipment in different types of projects.


General characteristics

• High durability due to steel thickness
• Brand spare parts and easy access
• Hopper with capacity of 500Lt
• Minimum maintenance times
• HARDOX steels
• Hydraulic equipment ZF, Eaton
• Spirals with anti-wear reinforcement
• Gutter with anti-wear coating
• Pressurized water tank
• Exterior and in-cab controls
• Customized equipment
• Steel fenders

placing concrete