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We are specialists in solutions, manufacturing and technological developments in equipment for the production of concrete.


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Domat SAS, a Colombian company founded in 2007, is oriented to provide new solutions in equipment and technological developments in the construction sector, with a view to improving the productivity and efficiency of all projects where we are present.

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We have extensive experience in concrete production with plant on site.

Specialized equipment for the handling of materials and the technified production of concrete.

Silos for the storage of cements, fixed or mobile, of different capacities.


Domat SAS is a leading company specialized in plants for concrete production and related equipment, which provides effective solutions to the needs of our customers in the construction sector, civil works and infrastructure, through manufacturing, sale, rental, maintenance and development of technological and innovative products.

We distinguish quality, versatility, and an ideal team at the service of our customers, with commitment and social and environmental responsibility.


In 2023 we will continue to strengthen our leadership and recognition in the domestic and international market, expand our service and after-sales network, increase exports while maintaining progressive growth, innovating and developing new technologies.

We will optimize our production plant to achieve quality, efficiency, compliance and customer satisfaction, generating profitability and sustainability. We will consolidate an ideal team in a safe, warm environment that guarantees satisfaction, personal growth and motivation, developing teamwork and integration.

Improves logistics and construction times.


Accessories to optimize concrete production and improve productivity on site.

Commissioning services, equipment rental and maintenance plan


Honesty: Maintain ethical and moral behavior with oneself and with the environment that surrounds us.

Compliance: Timely fulfillment of commitments and goals, giving more than others expect from you.

Responsibility: Perform the work with the best quality and the lowest operating cost. To achieve the objectives, uniting efforts, capacity and individual and collective resources with the collaboration and consensus of the group.

Respect: Manage customer relationships with kindness and courtesy.


DOMAT SAS is a Colombian company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions to the construction and infrastructure sector. We are sure that the satisfaction of our customers, the protection of the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and the environment, are key factors to achieve the success of our organization.

Therefore, our processes are framed in the following commitments:

To achieve this, DOMAT SAS has designed and implemented an integrated management system and its staff is committed to maintaining, improving and disseminating it.